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As a business owner, choosing the right web hosting plan is the most crucial part of creating a professional online presence. Like many businesses or individuals, you must have started your web hosting journey with shared server hosting. 

However, if your website traffic increases and your current shared hosting plan can not keep up with this growth, it is probably a sign to upgrade from a shared server to a VPS server. 

There are many benefits of hosting your website on a virtual server. Below are some benefits of migrating from shared hosting to VPS hosting.

Benefits of Switching From Shared Hosting To VPS Hosting

Eliminates The Need Of Sharing Resources

With shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a shared server. This means you share hosting resources with other websites hosted on the shared server.

There might be instances when one of the websites experiences a surge in website traffic and uses most of the hosting resources. This can negatively impact your website, leading to reduced performance and increased downtime. 

On the other hand, the benefits of VPS hosting include an isolated hosting environment. This means that you do not have to share hosting resources with other websites on the VPS server. This will ensure that any increase in website traffic or resource usage of the neighbouring websites will not affect the performance of your website.

Easy To Scale Up Resources

If a website experiences a surge in website traffic due to peak sale time, the website will be required to scale up hosting resources to meet the growing demand. 

This is not possible when you host your website on a shared server, especially if other websites are experiencing the same increase in traffic. On the other hand, the benefits of VPS hosting include the ability to allow you to easily and quickly add resources if your website requires additional resources.

Improves Security And Reliability

VPS hosting provides better security and reliability in comparison to shared hosting. When hosting your website on a shared server, if the server gets hacked it increases the security risks of all websites hosted on the server. 

On the other hand, if your website is hosted on a VPS server, if the primary physical server gets hacked, it does not affect the virtual server that hosts your website. This ensures security for your website and increases website uptime, resulting in reliability. 

Additionally, VPS hosting allows the installation and deployment of additional security features, such as firewalls, to improve security. Therefore, by switching from shared servers to VPS servers, you can improve the security and reliability of your website.

Improves Website’s Speed

Certain additional content, such as images, videos, animations, and more, can slow down website speed. Websites that deal with large numbers of databases can also encounter reduced website speed.

A shared hosting plan is not capable of keeping up website speed with such a large volume of content on your website as it shares resources with other users. 

On the other hand benefits of VPS hosting include dedicated resources which results in faster website speed. Therefore by switching from shared hosting to VPS hosting you can experience improved your website’s speed.

To Wrap It Up

There are many advantages of VPS hosting such as full root access, improved performance, reliability, flexibility, and more. 

Therefore, if you want to implement any of these hosting qualities for your website, you should consider switching from shared hosting to VPS hosting. 


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