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With various web hosting plans available in the market, hosting providers try to get an edge over their competitors with add-on solutions. Different add-on solutions are provided to cater to clients’ requirements. 

A dedicated hosting server provides certain add-on solutions to ensure better performance. 

In this article, we will explore some of the best add-on solutions available when you buy a dedicated server.

Understanding what are dedicated host servers and their benefits

Dedicated server hosting provides a web hosting environment where you have an entire server space dedicated to a single website. 

This means that other users do not have to share the server space and resources of the dedicated server. 


  • Provides you with your dedicated hardware. This means that you do not have to share resources with other resources. 
  • Provides a higher level of security for your website. This protects you against cyber attacks.  
  • Provides a higher reliability for your website. As the resources are not shared with other users, this ensures higher server uptime. 
  • You can also customize your server’s software according to your preference. This allows you to install OS tools, configure the server, and control the way users interact with the server.  

Best Add-on solutions For Your Dedicated Hosting

Below are some Add-on solutions available for your dedicated server hosting

Management and Admin Add-ons:

  • Monitoring services help you manage your web hosting plan. Server monitoring can monitor several aspects, such as system resource consumption, server health, visitor analysis, website traffic, etc. Some tools that offer monitoring services are Nagios, OpenNMS, or Zabbix.
  • Professional support that helps develop the server and solve server issues. Adding professional support to your dedicated server will help your hosting plan by providing a different and professional perspective on server management.
  • A dedicated admin add-on means that you get a person dedicated to your account. This add-on ensures that you always have a person as a support assistant to contact regarding your server.

Security Add-ons:

  • SSheild is a security tool and is part of the SPanel. It detects and protects cyberattacks against your website. It sends the account owner notifications in case of any technical issues. Additionally, it also provides solutions for technical issues. 
  • Firewalls and VPNs provide security against malware and security threats. 
  • Before any website traffic can reach the server, firewalls track and inspect it. VPN lowers the risk of hacking breaches by encrypting your server connection while browsing.

Control Panel Add-ons:

  • Backup tools offer the benefit of regular backups. Hosting a website without regular data backups can result in data loss and data disruptions. Thus, having a data backup add-on tool within the control panel is essential. 
  • Softaculous is a software installer that can be a reliable part of the control panel. It helps you configure the server even if you lack technical expertise. Additionally, its licensing costs are very affordable.

To Wrap it Up

Apart from the add-on solutions mentioned above, several other add-ons are available with dedicated server hosting. These include resource add-ons (RAM, CPU, Disk Space), Software add-ons (sPanel, cPanel, WHMCS), and Application add-ons (CMS Plugins, CMS themes, WordPress Manager). 

Choosing the right add-on solution to meet your website’s requirements is essential. It helps you set up and manage your dedicated server hosting plan. 

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