The Lesson: Being a good person, growing alongside one’s parents, enjoying the journey, not letting the highs be too high and the lows be too low, these are lessons for us all, but for serial entrepreneur Carter Reum, they have helped build a flourishing portfolio of profitable businesses, a strong personal foundation, and a life of gratitude.

Notable Excerpt: “I always say respect the process, but I think I’m going to add enjoy the process. It really is respect the process, meaning if you do the right things the right results tend to follow. But one of the things my brother and I learned from our first company was… that the highs are never that high, and the lows are never that low, and it’s really a defense mechanism… but by learning that muscle you tend to modulate it, and one of the things we found is that we actually don’t celebrate the highs enough.

“It is about the journey, and it is about enjoying it, but you’ve got to enjoy those good days. At M13, at our all-hands every week, we do gratitudes where we just stop and people can submit them and we read them, we do try to enjoy the journey, because win or lose at the end of the day you can have a lot of fun.”

The Guest: Carter Reum is a Partner and Co-Founder of M13, a venture capital platform that invests in and incubates cutting edge consumer technology businesses. M13 now has over $1 billion over 3 funds and is currently launching its 10th incubated business co-founded with Tony Robbins and Peter Diamondis. M13’s portfolio includes, Ring, Daily Harvest, FabFitFun,Transfix, Rothy’s, Lyft, Capsule, Shef, Thrive Market, Cue, Capsule, Rho, Shef, and many others.

An investment banker at Goldman Sachs, in 2019, Carter and his brother Courtney were appointed the first-ever Executives in Residence for the City of Los Angeles, created in an effort to merge the arts and entertainment industries by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Carter and his brother are the authors of the national bestseller Shortcut Your Startup (Simon & Schuster) that shares business insights to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The Podcast: Livin’ Good Currency explores the relationship of time to our lives. It gives a simple, straight-forward formula that anyone can use to be present in the moment—and features a co-host who knows better than anyone the value of time (see below). How do you want to spend your life? This hour can inspire you, along with upcoming guests, to be sure you are ‘Livin’ Good Currency’ and never get caught running out of time.

The Hosts: Good News Network fans will know Tony (Anthony) Samadani as the co-owner of GNN and its Chief of Strategic Partnerships. Co-host Tobias Tubbs was handed a double life sentence without the possibility of parole for a crime he didn’t commit. Behind bars, he used his own version of the Livin’ Good Currency formula to inspire young men in prison to turn their hours into honors. An expert in conflict resolution, spirituality, and philosophy, Tobias is a master gardener who employs ex-felons to grow their Good Currency by planting crops and feeding neighborhoods.


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