/ Pumped up: A search at how the cost of gasoline has risen

You in all probability don’t will need a fancy Domo chart to convey to you that fuel has gotten rather pricey. But we went in advance and imported weekly ordinary gasoline rates from the U.S. Energy Facts Agency anyway. In carrying out so, we also get to examine one of my favored new functions in Domo: Clever Textual content, which allows you insert dynamic textual content within equally notebook cards and in the title for any card in Domo. So, when you find anything other than “United States” from the fall-down menu less than “Geo Name” (below), it will also modify the chart upcoming to it (“United States-Ordinary Weekly Gasoline Prices”) to what ever location, point out, or town you chose.

Equally, the time time period will change from “Last 30 Years” when I pick a various day range, or spotlight a individual part in the line graph. “The Min Gas Price” and “Max Gasoline Price” text use Domo dynamic summary numbers, which enable me to add metrics to my narrative. These are excellent equipment for guaranteeing that users have the correct context even as they self-provide with various filters and drills.

You will also recognize listed here that we are experimenting with a narrative attribute (nevertheless in pre-beta), which dynamically generates insights about a specified card in Domo. I actually like this aspect because it assists carry new insights out of knowledge in a narrative structure. As you filter for a new geography or a unique time interval, the narrative refreshes with new insights. Quite darn awesome, if you check with me.

Due to the fact we launched “Domo on Details,” we have been very focused on U.S. details. Which is a great deal to the chagrin of some of my colleagues close to the environment, but it basically has to do with the obstacle in receiving metrics from other governments, which are inclined to be very good at giving totally free details but terrible at compiling across nations. That explained, for this publish, we ended up ready to obtain some facts on worldwide gasoline charges via the World wide Petrol Prices website. The info is not accessible for absolutely free, but does give us some excellent context. For instance, when gasoline in the U.S. is far more than $4 for each gallon, it is almost $11 in Hong Kong and only a little bit a lot less than that in the Netherlands. Yikes.

We will operate to convey additional world wide facts to these web pages in coming posts. Oh, and if you’re asking yourself when the previous time gas was under $1 for every gallon in the U.S., the solution is March 1999. How I very long for those days!

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