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Brittney Griner’s wife urges Biden to ‘make a deal’ with Russia for her launch

On The ReidOut Wednesday, Cherelle Griner, wife of WNBA star Brittney Griner, spoke about her wife’s months-extended detainment in Russia. Griner was arrested in February for alleged possession of hash oil. The U.S. views Griner as getting been wrongfully detained, but Russia promises she’s a prison who will have to go by the authorized program. “An American that’s deemed wrongfully detained, to my being familiar with, from what the Point out Section is declaring, The us will negotiate their release. There’s not a possibly, it is a will. They will negotiate for their launch. And so suitable now my wife has been wrongfully detained,” Cherelle explained. “So regardless of whichever the Russian authorities are stating, in spite of whatever push meeting they do to say everything about BG and the legal matter above there, America’s presently decided that she will get no justice in that process and that they will negotiate her release.” As Russia has continuously extended Griner’s detainment, Cherelle urged President Biden to do extra to safe her release. “My push is for the American administration right now, the Biden administration, to do just that,” Cherelle claimed. “To make a offer for BG for the reason that she is wrongfully detained.”


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