Apa itu Dedicated Server? Serta Kelebihan dan Kekurangannya!

There have been advancements in the field of web hosting, and dedicated server hosting is one such advanced technology in this field. While it is an expensive web hosting solution, dedicated hosting has countless seekers. 

The reason is quite simple and clear: the benefits that a dedicated server web hosting service can provide are unbeatable. 

Among all the different types of websites hosted on the dedicated server, eCommerce websites are very common. These online stores are highly resource-intensive web pages and require a lot from their servers. It is always better to have a strong base to support such websites with large databases, transactions, requests, and content. 

Dedicated servers are always the best choice for such websites, and this blog talks about the same: benefits of dedicated hosting when it comes to eCommerce sales!

Dedicated Server Hosting

As the name suggests, dedicated hosting avails websites with exclusive resources. The physical server is entirely dedicated to hosting a single website with its resources like hardware, network, storage, memory, etc. 

Since the website receives all the undivided attention and resources of the server, it is called a dedicated server. Because of its secluded environment, secured functioning, and exclusivity, the server is suitable for and benefits resource-heavy websites. 

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting for eCommerce Sales

  • Authorises Simplified Transactions

Technical issues aside, if a website is operating slowly, it might be irritating and inconvenient for the users to navigate through the web page. A dedicated server offers impressive services when it comes to network and bandwidth issues. This enables simplified transactions on the user’s side. The speed and ease of navigation encourage visitors to use and visit the website multiple times.

  • Consistent Uptimes

With abundant resources and networks, it is easy for a dedicated server to provide consistent uptime. On average, a dedicated server can provide 99.99% of uptime to a single website. This means that your website is almost always available to interact with the visitors and complete their required transactions. 

  • Amplifies SEO Efficiently

Search engines essentially rule the web hosting industry. Search engine rankings always favour websites that are fast, convenient, and provide great security. Since dedicated hosting services provide great resources and networks to their websites, search engines tend to rank them higher. So, if you want increased sales and higher rankings on search engines, you should definitely go for a dedicated server.

  • Easy and Reliable Scaling

Increased traffic at peak hours is a default consideration when it comes to eCommerce websites. The benefit of dedicated hosting over shared hosting in such websites is that it provides better scaling and reliability when it comes to peak hours. A dedicated server also has easier access to resources when it comes to scaling, and hence, they improve your performance.

  • Enhanced Bandwidth and Speed

Bandwidth and speed are two of the most important determinants when it comes to influential factors of a website for the user. Bandwidth is the capacity or limit of a website to interact or transmit data with a user. With shared hosting, this bandwidth is limited and hence, it limits the speed, too. A dedicated server will make sure that your bandwidth is enhanced along with the speed of your website.

  • Better User Experience

Since a dedicated server improves the overall performance of a website, the users have a great time interacting with your website. With easy navigation, good speed, great bandwidth and consistent uptime, users are encouraged to visit the website again. Overall, a dedicated server provides a great user experience. 

Ending Note

If you own an eCommerce business website, you know how important sales are for your business. The success of your business depends on how good the sales are doing. That being said, the sales are dependent on the overall performance of your website and the quality of your products. Dedicated servers can provide really good resources for your website to improve the overall performance and, consequently, your sales! 


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